Our Services

Eddy has formed The Growth Game Creative Partnerships to work side by side with a very limited number of business owners and driven professionals to help them grow.

We are unique in the space because we take pride and blend three business arts for our clients and their teams to help them execute.  

The three business arts we obsess over will be CREATIVE THINKING, SYSTEM BUILDING and CONNECTIVITY to ultimate drive revenue or leadership development.  

We can help in a few capacities.

First is in a “creative partnership or customized relationship.”  You may think of this working arrangement as a consulting but we view it as a temporary business partner with a very different perspective on your business.  

We can only work with two to three of these relationships at a time.  To learn more about our customized relationships and scope of work click here.

In addition to doing customized work for you and your team, we have developed books, tools and host a series of programs throughout the year that can help you, your team or employees become more productive professionals.